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Traditional Window Cleaning

We use traditional window cleaning methods where ever we can get access to the windows i.e. ground level windows, inside windows. We access properties through safe use of steps or ladders, hydraulic lifts or access equipment, cradles and rope access window cleaning methods.

The windows will be washed with soapy water with an applicator. The glass will then be squeegeed and edges of the glass will be wiped dry with a scrim. The frames will be cleaned with a micro fibre cloth and all spills are collected and wiped clean. Window ledges will also be wiped clean with a micro fibre cloth.

We Leave the windows spotlessly clean.

External water fed pole system

SMS was one of the first window cleaning companies in the UK to use the water feed pole system.

We have been using water feed pole systems for over 12 years, before they became a standard peace of window cleaning equipment.

Pole systems are a very cost effective and a safe way of cleaning windows at a height.

As well as cleaning window they are also great for cleaning cladding, cleaning signs and much more.

The benefits of water fed pole systems:

  • Can easily clean windows up to 60ft from the safety of the ground.

  • Cleans frames as well as glass
  • No disruption to the occupants
  • Can clean hard to reach windows with ease

Internal water fed pole system

We also have a new internal pole system that can clean internal windows up to 60ft from the safety of the ground. Again this system is a very cost effective and safe method of cleaning high level internal windows.

The system uses a battery operated small pump that is worn on a belt. When the trigger on the pole is pulled a light mist of deionised water is sprayed on the glass, a micro fibre pad is fitted to the head of the pole, the operator then cleans and polishes the glass with the micro fibre pads. The pad is then changed.

This new internal pole system has saved some of our clients money on expensive access equipment and allowed internal high level windows to be cleaned with no disruption inside their buildings.

Hydraulic Lifts or Access Equipment

We have ’18 years’ experience in using hydraulic lifts and platforms.

We can provide the correct lift for the job.

All staff are fully trained and have a full IPAF Licences.

We specialise in working at heights and difficult access. Through our experience and knowledge in access methods and risk assessments we can provide the safest, most cost effective access method best suited for the job.

Crade Window Cleaning

If your building is fitted out with cradles that are fully functional and tested with up to date health and safety records, we can use this method for accessing the windows.

All staff have vast experience in using many different cradles.

We have good relations with many manufacturers and maintenance testing companies, which allows us to incorporate maintenance and testing into the window cleaning contract to ensure equipment is always working safely for all operators. The saving we get from the testing companies will be passed onto our clients.

Rope Access Teams

We have a dedicated rope access window cleaning team that work throughout the south of UK. Rope access is a very safe and very cost effective way of accessing hard to reach and sensitive areas. Our rope access technicians are fully trained and certified to I.R.A.T.A standards and hold I.R.A.T.A licenses.

We offer rope access window cleaning and other rope access cleaning and maintenance services, including repairs, painting and decorating and inspections and much more.